Samanala Blooming Tea Flower 10 balls


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blossom into a bouquet of breathtaking shapes and exquisite flavors.
There are many benefits of this special tea:
It is rich in antioxidants |may reduce the risk of heart disease |could help you lose weight |helps protect your teeth from bacteria |has compounds that may fight cancer |may lower the risk of insulin resistance |may protect against osteoporosis.


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Samanala Tea - Haputale

“As a woman and a young entrepreneur, I say, don’t be afraid. Start what you want to start.
Have a plan and see it through, you will win”

‘Wangedi Peko’, a traditional and hand-made brand of tea that mainly includes tea types such as Green Tea and Silver Tip is a business venture that Pabasara Manathunge, a third-year student studying at the Uva Wellassa university embarked upon.

Pabasara enthusiastically stresses the unique nature of her product. What sets Wangedi Pekoe apart from its competitors in the market, is the fact that it is an organic and traditionally processed tea unlike the products that are machine processed and offered at higher prices.  Highlighting her efforts in following the current global trend of minimizing the consumption of unhealthy and inorganic food and beverages, she further emphasized on the traditional and natural way in which this tea is processed.  The tea is pounded in the mortar and pestle, hand rolled and dried in the sunlight and wind. The young entrepreneur’s plan for Wangedi Pekoe extends beyond the boundaries of this island nation. Her aim for her business to reach the international market is supported by the fact that Ceylon tea is very popular and is in high demand among foreign nations. Moreover, she is confident that the Silver Tip and Green Tea varieties of Wangedi Pekoe will have a higher demand among foreign buyers.

Contrary to the common belief that a young woman would encounter more burdens and hurdles to move forward in the modern business world, Pabasara says that neither her gender nor her age has ever held her back or burdened her success. Referring to how she started her business Pabasara says “I got a lot of encouragement and support from my university, Chrysalis and everyone around me since they saw that I was a young woman trying to build something on my own”. She explained that her original intention was to start her own business after completing university, but she was able to get a head start with the grant support, coaching and mentoring and business training from Chrysalis. She also appreciates the encouraging ideas and help she received from so many around her.

While setting an example for other young women, Pabasara expresses much satisfaction at being able to focus on her own business on completion of her university education. She is confident that she will be able to use her gender and age as instruments of success as she grows.