Kithul Jaggery 200g

Kithul Jaggery 200g


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Natural flavour maintained, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added and manufactured under hygienic practices.


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Dunhinda Natural - Badulla

A traditional taste that most Sri Lankans are no stranger to is the sweet taste of Kithul. Be it the pure Kithul treacle, Kithul jaggery or Kithul flavored desserts, this unique flavor is the essence of Sri Lankan confectionaries. Within this country’s Kithul market, ‘Dunhinda Kithul Products’ rises above the rest of its competitors. Amongst all of the adulterated food products that are mixed with harmful additives, W.A.B. Wijesooriya’s enterprise supplies Kithul products under the name of ‘Dunhinda Kithul Products’ and sets the standards higher.

Wijesooriya, a former employee of the state sector, entered the business field 3 years ago with the aim of beginning his own enterprise and building something of his own. Although he dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur whilst working within the state sector, Wijesooriya was unable to embark upon this venture for a significant period of time which he spent studying the market conditions of different products. This social entrepreneur was prompted to build his own business not just to earn a living but also as a helping hand to the hard-working farmers in the Kithul industry. “I give a certain percentage of my earnings to the Kithul farmers. All the farmers who provide the Kithul that I use for my business, receive a very reasonable income for their contribution. This is why I refer to myself as an entrepreneur and a ‘Social Businessman’” Wijesooriya added.  As someone who has spent a certain amount of time working in the Kithul market of Sri Lanka, he explains that the majority of the products offered by different enterprises are adulterated and are not pure Sri Lankan Kithul. Wijesooriya does not believe in misleading his customers. Therefore, he says that the items that are offered by Dunhinda Kithul Products are unadulterated and use the pure extract from the Kithul palm trees of Sri Lanka.