Kithul Jaggery 200g


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Kithul Jaggery 200g

Kithul jaggery is rich in essential minerals. As some studies have revealed, it has 60 times more minerals than white sugar. It is also the storehouse of many vitamins. We know minerals are vital to maintaining our good health. It is rich in iron, so regular consumption of kithul jaggery leads to increased haemoglobin levels and helps overcome anaemia.

Magnesium in kithul jaggery helps to regulate the nervous system. The high antioxidant properties of this natural sweetener helps protect body cells from damages caused by free radicals – it’s free radicals that accelerate ageing. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

No Sugar added!

No preservatives added!!


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Natural Honey - Matale

‘Natural Honey’ is an initiative by Nayomi Ranaweera, focusing on the production of organic honey and jaggery, in a manner which is different to the typical production style. At a time when things were not going great for the couple, Nayomi started looking for ideal opportunities within the Matale district. Wanting to venture into producing organic products, she debated between spice production and honey production, concluding that honey presents more opportunity. Thus, she ventured into a business in organic honey and jaggery production, now known as ‘Natural Honey’.

This venture began with just one employee in addition to her and her husband and has now expanded into a 6 female and 4 male employee-based enterprise. In addition, Nayomi works with 200 Kithul farmers who supply her the Kithul Sap.

Looking back Nayomi speaks of the impact of Covid-19 on her business, mention that while it was slightly challenging, it was still manageable. However, the recent economic crisis has left a major backlog in her product distribution due to negative factors like the fuel crisis. The economic crisis impacted the farmers, and thus impacted ‘Natural Honey’. However, Nayomi talks about how they are now recovering from it, and that it has also brought in a few more farmers who lost their buyers during the crisis.

Finally, back on track after the crisis, Nayomi mentions her goals for the future which mainly focuses on obtaining GMP certification and expanding her business into an international export level enterprise. Nayomi is passionate about her venture and maintaining the livelihoods of her suppliers and employees. Up to now her products were sold indirectly through retailers. She wants to go into direct exchanges and also begin to introduce new products to her list. She is aware that these will all prove to be quite challenging. Nonetheless, she plans to push through and persevere through each challenge of the future, just as she has been until now.