Suni's Serendipity - Athurugiriya
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“I have always been a crafty person and crochet, embroidery and sewing were hobbies that I immensely enjoyed since childhood” Due to some various reasons, Sumudu grasped that the traditional work life was not for her. She then looked at creating a livelihood for herself; by building a business of her own.

While brainstorming business ideas, she turned to her roots in crochet and embroidery. This led to the creation of her business, where she can create a platform to sell her handmade products online. “By selling self-made products, I can ensure that I am selling a high-quality product. This meant that my hobbies had become a livelihood and a source of income. Choosing an online platform allowed me to experiment with low risk while reaching a wider audience, which was a bonus”.

Over the years Sumudu experimented with various items while handcrafting and making crochet baby items were always a favorite of hers.

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