Sew With Love
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At Made by Her, we are thrilled to partner with Ishara Hassim and her enterprise, Sew with Love. Ishara's aspiration is profound yet simple: she believes every woman should learn handcraft to secure financial independence. 

She began her journey in handicrafts during her formative years at Muslim Ladies College Colombo. Guided by her deep-rooted interest in handwork, she sought knowledge and training from the esteemed Mrs. Daisy Vittachi, a highly recognized personality in handicrafts. With over 25 years of experience, she has emerged as a seasoned craft instructor and managed 13 branches of Daisy Vittachi schools of hobby crafts across the island. Moreover, her collaboration with Anchor Educational Service (Coats Thread Lanka) and the Educational Ministry reveals her dedication to imparting handcraft skills to students and teachers.  

Ultimately it led her to start her ‘Ishara's School of Hobby Craft,’ a sewing studio where she conducts classes, ranging from sewing and patchwork to embroidery, batik, doll making, and slipper crafting, in Colombo and Wattala. Along with her small business, 'Sew with Love’, Ishara's students can nurture their creativity and showcase their handmade creations with a platform for commercial viability. Participating in pop-ups and events, 'Sew with Love’ extends the reach of these creations, transforming them into sources of empowerment and livelihood.  

Currently, at the famous Good Market at Racecourse, she exhibits finished products for sale and conducts on-the-spot classes, mainly handmade items to be used in day-to-day activities using recycled material. Moreover, she also teaches online courses, adapting to the evolving global scenario and making learning more accessible than ever. Finally, Ishara's School of Hobby Crafts hosts an annual exhibition spotlighting the potential of her talented students.  

But her impact reaches beyond her schools—she is a Consultant instructor for 'Simply Women,' an organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged women through self-employment opportunities. Moreover, she also provides valuable skills for prison inmates, guiding them away from illegal means of employment. She has partnered with charitable organizations, supported schools, and uplifted less privileged women through her training programmes, including the Salvation Army, Cancer Hospital - Maharagama, Anchor Educational Service, Diriya Kathun, Bodyline Garments - Horana, and more. 

Emerging from humble beginnings and going through a difficult path, she has yet paved a path for herself and others, aiming to uplift underprivileged women in Sri Lanka. With her unwavering support, these women are finding their financial independence, breaking away from the cycle of dependency that many face.  

At Made by Her, we share Ishara's vision of a brighter future where these women can stand on their own feet, support their families, and create a sustainable livelihood.

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