Mali Fabric Products - Colombo
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Mali Fabric Products is a social enterprise that supports women entrepreneurs. By providing the technical and logistical support needed to work from their own homes, Mali opens up a much-needed source of income and an outlet for their talent and creativity. Our mission as a women’s collective is to empower women through the art of fabric, one beautifully crafted product at a time. Our goal is to serve as a platform that allows women to access markets and opportunities that value their skill and effort.

Rather than simply buying new fabric by the yard, we take advantage of Sri Lanka’s ‘cut piece’ culture to create a wide array of beautiful and useful fabric products. “Cut piece” refers to the off cuts and rejects from the many garment factories that operate within the country. These pieces of fabric come in odd shapes and sizes, and many have cutouts and misprints. We at Mali take great pleasure in reimagining and repurposing this waste material into unique and functional pieces for a varying customer base. In this process, we do not compromise on quality. We handpick every piece of fabric to ensure good quality and embellish it with tasteful accessories and supplementary materials which elevate the look and feel of Mali products. Every unique Mali product is nothing less than a celebration of the innovation and creative skill of our team.

The designs and quantities of Mali products depend on fabric availability. We make maximum use of each piece of cloth and even use our own fabric scraps to produce a collection of patchwork products! We are proud to share our signature style and our unique products which are beautifully designed, long lasting, and better for the environment.

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