Greenopia - Negombo
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Greenopia, is an artisanal business that embodies the spirit of creativity, transformation, and community support. Founded in 2021 by the talented and resilient Shalika Pieris, Greenopia was born from a profound desire to find solace during a challenging period in her life. 

Her journey began with a quest for inspiration, drawing from the timeless charm of vintage farmhouse aesthetics and the stunning craftsmanship in French artistry. For over a year and a half, she was exhaustingly researching diverse design styles across the internet, persistently finding local materials, and meticulously practising various painting techniques. 

Today, Greenopia is a one-woman, small business of creativity and transformation. Moreover, over the years, Shalika has connected with high-quality local producers, enabling her to source her materials locally. This synergy strengthens her artisanal journey and contributes significantly to the growth of local communities. 

Currently, Greenopia is exploring the art of painting wood and glass decor pieces with raw materials from local merchants in Colombo and Negombo. As she continues to nurture her creativity, we invite you to explore the current listing of Greenopia and await the addition of these new and stunning creations to her listing. Every purchase from Greenopia brings you a piece of art that supports Shalika's inspiring and resilient journey and contributes to the vibrant local communities she collaborates with.




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