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HiCal products began as a family venture that drew from Rukshan and Keyaashinie’s own family experiences. As a young mother, Keyaashinie remembers how she often didn’t have the time to cook meals for her children, especially meals high in nutrients. While wondering how she could give her children more nutritious food, she remembered how her grandmother used to feed her various types of grains in her childhood. Out of this memory was born HiCal, an entirely healthy multigrain made of 30 different varieties of rice grains and lentils, and nuts like almonds for health and improved immunity. The product was first experimented at home with their own children to boost their health and antibodies.

Interestingly the enterprise was born during the Covid pandemic, when Rukshan was struggling to survive due to the nature of his job. While everyone was going through a slump this young couple came up with a business venture which has today become very successful.

As HiCal is recommended for young children, Rukshan and Keyaashinie advise that it should be given with bananas or sugar to ensure they eat it. They draw from their own experiences with their children to laugh about how they used to have a hard time feeding their children these grains individually. Rukshan and Keyaashinie wanted to share this experience with not only everyone who has children, but anyone looking for a way to enjoy high-nutrition food that is quick and easy to make.

Out of this motivation, HiCal also expanded into producing nutritious pasta which has added value. They plan to keep expanding their business, always in line with healthy and easy alternatives for their children and will look at innovative ways to improve and grow their business. “We have recently secured a 6-month order from a major hotel in Kandy, and this brings the promise that we could secure more such orders in the near future.”

They employ 6 young girls from the plantations and give them lodging and meals with a decent salary and aspire to recruit many more.

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